SpecTool V2 Advanced Diagnostic MBox

SpecToolV2 is an advanced Test Platform for Mercedes Benz vehicles.
Allows each module to communicate directly over connected to the device. Thanks to this, it enables the diagnosis of modules without the need to connect to the vehicle. The device was designed by Mercedes auto electronics specialists with many years of experience and adapted to each Mercedes model, using special pcb adapters for given models.
MBox is compatible with all testers with OBD2 connector (Sd Connect, Ecom, Abrites ..) It allows for programming, coding, adaptation and works with all CAN / UDS / DOIP protocols.

Description of the SpecTool device
Display OLED 1.3"
6x Controlled Power Outputs
1x Gray Output Can
1x Brown Output Can
1x Green Output Can
1x Violet / Yellow HMI Output Can
1x Blue Output Can
1x Pink Output Can
1x Black Outoput Can
3x Outputs Flex Ray Can
Socket OBD2/USB
Socket EZS Area
Socket Engine Area
Socket IC
Socket Command
Socket Service Area


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