SpecTool Advanced Diagnostic Box

SpecTool is a special breakout Box. It's so special that it will allow you to make FULL diagnostic of every Mercedes Benz module 2015 up, ON TABLE ! So there is no need of making long and frequent walks from car to desk and from desk to car again and again...

Furthermore you can:

Start up a new model instrument cluster (Full LCD compatible)

Start up new models of Command Head Units

Also the SpecTool is fully compatible with all testers OBD2 (Sd Connect , Ecom , Abrites .. ) and DOIP protocols and every kind of CAN-gateways.

Description of SpecTool
LCD Display (Voltometer, Ammeter)
6x Power outs with LED Indicators and Individual Switches ON/OFF
1x Brown Can out
1x Green Can Out
1x Violet Can out
1x Blue Can out
1x Black Can Out
3x Flex Rey Out
OBD2 out
EZS out
Keyless out
IC & LCD out
NTG 5.x out
Engine Area out
Universal out


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