Enables testing of Mercedes Benz Instrument Cluster. Support all Cluster after 2007<
Extra Option Increase km in Mercedes W907 and W177 Dashboard
Price 150 euro excl. TAX

Mercedes Benz Multibeam Led Retrofit Adapter Compatibility with W205 W253 and W222

Price 249 euro excl. TAX

Allows you to navigate through the menu cluster.
Stabler and fast work, Compatible with Car, Ezs Bench Mode and DashTester PCB, support all Cluster after 2007< .
Price 199 euro excl. TAX

Price 60 euro excl. TAX

Allows you to reverse the start stop button
Undetectable by the Mercedes service
100% safe, easy installation without coding
Support models W176/W246/W117/x156...< .
Price 100 euro excl. TAX

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