SpecTool Mercedes Menager by Dump

SpecTool Mercedes Menager is a profesional software designed to repair electronics Mercedes Benz vehicles.
The software is an calculator for repairing electronic Units based on binary files.

48V Battery (FBS4 Battery Repair Dump)"
Airbag (Clear Crash Data / Vin Repair)
Amg Menu (Active)
Dashboard (Change Milage / SSID Repair / Renew)
DSM/ISM (Hash Info / Renew)
EZS (Hash Info / Milage Repair)
ESL (Hash Info / Renew)
ECU (Hash Info / Renew)
FBS4 (ECU Prepare other Number)
FBS4 (ECU Unlock Autorization Data)
VGS (FDCT FBS4 Autorization Repair

A constantly growing database of solutions. In the future we are going to add each unit number.
Buying you get access to the SpecTool Menager software with USB Key and license valid for 1 year , all updates on the day of purchase , a valid license for one PC and technical support.
Price for the start is 799 euro excl. TAX + 50 euro shiping for Usb Dongle Key , after 1 year , subsctription cost 300 euro excl. TAX


Update List

- Add DSM Transfer FBS4Data / Reset VIN
A0002703252, A0002703352, A0002703452, A0002704452
-Add EDC17CP57/60 ECU Mileage Calculator - Autodetect
A6429003401, A6429007301, A6429007401, A6429007600
A6519001202, A6519004201, A6519004701, A6519006401
+ CRC Checksume Auto Calculated
- Add New Number ECU FBS4 UNLOCK Autorization Data
- Add EDC17C66 ECU Mileage Calculator - Autodetect
- Add Dashboard W204 24C128 Renew / SSID Repair
- Add Dashboard W207 24C128 Renew / SSID Repair
- Add Dashboard W212 24C128 Renew / SSID Repair
- Add Dashboard W218 24C128 Renew / SSID Repair
- Add New Number ECU FBS4 UNLOCK Autorization Data
A2649000700, A2649001200 , A2649001400
- Add Auto CRC Cheksume eprom Repair / MEDC17
A177900xxxx, A264900xxxx, A642900xxxx, A651900xxxx
- Add EZS Hashdata Lost Repair 2xHC05
xxx 545 00 08, xxx 545 01 08, xxx 545 02 08
- StartError WSP Immobox Sprinter Vito / Repair
- Algorithm and Stability Update
- Add ECU SID307 A6079000700 - VIN/ODO - Renew
- Add ECU SID307 A6079001800 - VIN/ODO - Renew
- Add ECU SID307 A6079002000 - VIN/ODO - Renew
- improved algorithm
- Add Airbag W470 X-Klasse 98820-5XA0A XA - Clear Crash
- Add Airbag W470 X-Klasse 98820-5XB0A XB - Clear Crash
- Add EDC17/MED17 - Vin Editor
- Add W447 Dashboard 95640 - SSID Info
- Add VGS2 FDCT A005 446 36 10 FBS3 - Renew
- Add VGS2 FDCT A005 446 36 10 FBS3 - Adaptation Repair
- Add VGS2 FDCT A005 446 37 10 FBS3 - Adaptation Repair
- Add CRD2.xx ECU Milage / VIN - Reset
A6511500126, A6519000301, A6519005301, A6511501879,
A6519000302, A6519000601, A6511501701, A6519008002
- Add EWM W215/W220/W230 93c56 - Hash Info / Renew
- Add CRD3.xx ECU Milage / VIN - Reset
A6519000503, A6519000603, A6519000700, A6519003203,
A6519003403, A6519003603, A6519004500, A6519005203,
A6519007003, A6519007401, A6519007500, A6519007600,
A6519009102, A6519009702
- Add ECU CR5.x - Renew
- Add VGS2 FDCT A005 446 37 10 FBS3 - Renew
- Add AMG MENU - Dash Color W117/156/176/166/246..
- Add W230 93c86 Dasboard - Renew
- Add UNLOCK Autorization Data ECU FBS4
A1779001001, A1779003901, A1779005401, A1779007904, A1779008204,
A1779009005, A2649001200, A2709000900, A2709002100,
A2709002900, A2749000800, A2749000900, A2749001000,
A2749001600, A2749002900, A2769004600, A2769004900,
A2769007300, A2769007500, A2789001000, A2789001200,
A2789001300, A2799001100, A6429004701, A6429007301,
A6429007401, A6429008301, A6519002803, A6519006401
- Add Autodetect EDC17/MED17 Import Autorization Data
- MRG1 ECU FBS4 Import Autorization Data
- MRD1 ECU FBS4 Import Autorization Data
- VGS2 FDCT FBS4 Import Autorization Data
- 9G Tronic FBS4 Import Autorization Data
- Newdesigne
- Add Airbag Clear Crash History / Unlock SPC560/SPC56A
A2059001922, A2059008518, A2059008618, A2059009427,
A2059009627, A2139004625, A2139007005, A2139007105
A2139008828, A2139009022
and more...
- Autodetect VGS2-FDCT Autorization Repair FBS4 Gearbox
- Adaptation Repair VGS2-FDCT FBS4 Gearbox
- Size Ecu Converter more Options
- CRD3 FBS4 MPC Renew (Boot Mode)
- Dashboard W906 25LC640 SSID Info / Renew
- Add New Variants VGS FDCT2 Autorization Repair
- Delphi CRD3 FBS4 Import/Export Autorization ECU Data
- CRD3 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All EDC17
- CRD3 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All MED17
- CRD3 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All CRD3
- MED17 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All EDC17
- MED17 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All CRD3
- MED17 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All MED17
- EDC17 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All MED17
- EDC17 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All CRD3
- EDC17 Imp/Exp FBS4DATA to All EDC17
- Add FBS4 Import/Export Autorization FBS4 ECU Data
A1779001001 A1779003901 A179007904 A1779008004
A2709002100 A2709002900 A2749000800 A2749000900
A2749001000 A2749001600 A2769004600 A2769007300
A2769007500 A2789001200 A2789001300 A2799001100
A6429000401 A6429003401 A6429004701 A6429007301
A6429007401 A6519002803 A6519006401
- Added Dashboard
- W211 - Renew / Repair SSID 24c16
- W230 - Renew / Repair SSID 24c16
- Add Var6 VGS2 FDCT - FBS4 Autorization Repair
- Add Var7 VGS2 FDCT - FBS4 Autorization Repair
- Add Var8 VGS2 FDCT - FBS4 Autorization Repair
-Add VGS FDCT A005 446 33 10 - Hash Info / Renew
-Add CR6P.15 - Hash Info / Renew
-Add CR6P.31 - Hash Info / Renew
-Added Search Tree Function(Unit Number)
-Ecu Bosch MED17/EDC17 Eprom Size Converter
- Add Airbag CrashData Repair
A177 900 03 04, A177 900 24 10
A177 900 25 10 ,A177 900 60 03
A177 900 65 12 ,A177 900 66 04
A177 900 67 04 ,A907 900 03 04
A907 900 04 04, A907 900 05 04
A907 900 56 01, A907 900 62 04
A907 900 63 03
- Add Dashboard
- W166 - Change Km / Repair SSID SPI95640
- X166 - Change Km / Repair SSID SPI95640
- W463 - Change Km / Repair SSID SPI95640
-Add Airbag Crash/Vin Repair
A117 900 17 01, A117 900 17 02, A117 900 18 01,
A117 900 18 02, A246 900 07 09, A246 900 09 03,
A246 900 23 13, A246 900 24 13, A246 900 61 18,
A246 900 72 02, A166 900 02 20, A166 900 12 11,
A166 900 13 11, A166 900 16 09, A166 900 17 09,
A166 900 20 03, A166 900 21 03, A166 900 26 13,
A166 900 38 03, A447 900 09 00, A447 900 63 09
W415 Citan - 8201475929A - Crashdata Repair
-Add Var4 VGS2 FDCT - FBS4 Autorization Repair
-Add Var5 VGS2 FDCT - FBS4 Autorization Repair
-Add Var6 VGS2 FDCT - FBS4 Autorization Repair
-Add CR60.20 Hash Info / Renew
-Add CR60.30 Hash Info / Renew
-FBS4 A177900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A2709002100
-FBS4 A651900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A2709002100
-Add W205 Digital / AMG MENU Active - 95128SPI
-Add FBS4 DSM Emergancy P / DTC Counters - Repair
-Add Var3 VGS2 FDCT -FBS4 Autorization Repair
-Add SIM266 Hash Info / Renew
All - A266153xxxx
All - A266900xxxx
-Add All Version ME9.7 / Renew
A1561500979 A2721531779 A2731535679
A1561501679 A2721534579 A2731531491
A1561501779 A2721531679 A2731535179
A1569001600 A2721531691 A2731536591
A1569001200 A2721535591 A2731530891
A1569000900 A2721535191 A2731532979
A1561502279 a2721536091 A2731532579
A1561502479 A2721531491 A2731533579
A1569000500 A2721500079 A2731530991
A1569001300 A2721530391 A2731532779
A1569003000 A2721535691 A2731534679
A1569001100 A2721534379 A2739001800
A1569005100 A2721532691 A2739001600
A1561505779 A2721532979 A2731532879
A2721531392 A2729002900 A2731531291
A2721537591 A2721535479 A2731536391
A2721532091 A2721531691 A2731531991
A2721535579 A2729004800 A2731531191
A2721531291 A2721533979 A2731534579
A2721533391 A2729002500 A2739000700
A2721531192 A2721533279 A2731532079
A2729002000 A2721535279 A2739002200
A2731533079 A2731530879 A2731533879
A2731536791 A2731534479 A2731535079
A2739000400 A2731530879
-Add Key Hc05 / Read Info (Password/SSID)
-Add All Version CR3.xx / Hash Info / Renew
A6461530279 A6461509578 A6461505872
A6461530379 A6461509991 A6461537879
A6461530879 A6461530391 A6461538579
A6461531279 A6461530491 A6461538779
A6461534179 A6461530591 A6461538879
A6461534379 A6461530691 A6461505972
A6461536779 A6461530791 A6461506072
A6461500479 A6461530891 A6461500091
A6461500679 A6461530979 A6461500291
A6461503279 A6461531991 A6461500491
A6461503379 A6461532091 A6461500879
A6461532079 A6461532491 A6461501079
A6461532179 A6461532591 A6461501491
A6461532379 A6461532691 A6461501834
A6461533179 A6461532791 A6461501879
A6461533079 A6461532891 A6461501891
A6461533379 A6461533691 A6461502091
A6461500791 A6461533791 A6461502291
A6461501091 A6461533891 A6461502491
A6461501191 A6461502978 A6461502679
A6461501291 A6461502678 A6461502879
A6461501678 A6461502778 A6461503079
A6461501778 A6461507377 A6461503791
A6461503178 A6461507477 A6461504091
A6461503278 A6461507577 A6461504277
A6461503378 A6461508391 A6461504291
A6461503478 A6461504691 A6461504579
A6461508491 A6461509478 A6461504749
A6461506891 A6461506491 A6461504979
A6461507291 A6461506679 A6461506279
A6461509291 A6461506691 A6461506291
-Add VGS2 FDCT FBS4 Autorization Repair
-Add All Version CR4.xx / Hash Info / Renew
A6421500291 A6421500077 A6461500800
A6421500391 A6421500234 A6461500877
A6421500491 A6421500277 A6461500878
A6421500591 A6421500477 A6461500900
A6421500791 A6421500577 A6461500977
A6421500991 A6421501230 A6461500978
A6421501179 A6421501430 A6461501000
A6421501379 A6421501791 A6461501077
A6421501491 A6421502077 A6461501078
A6421501579 A6421502277 A6461501100
A6421501779 A6421502426 A6461501200
A6421502279 A6421502826 A6461501277
A6421503779 A6421503679 A6461501300
A6421504579 A6421503872 A6461501377
A6421504979 A6421503972 A6461501400
A6421505179 A6421504177 A6461501477
A6421505979 A6421504326 A6461501677
A6421506291 A6421504377 A6461501777
A6421507979 A6421504391 A6461501877
A6421508179 A6421504477 A6461501977
A6421508479 A6421504677 A6461503878
A6421508579 A6421504777 A6461503978
A6421508679 A6421505126 A6461504978
A6421508779 A6421505277 A6461505078
A6421508879 A6421505377 A6461505178
A6421509579 A6421505878 A6461505678
A6421509679 A6421506000 A6461505778
A6421509779 A6421506100 A6461505878
A6421500872 A6421506200 A6461505978
A6421500972 A6421506391 A6461506078
A6421531079 A6421506491 A6461506177
A6421501272 A6421506577 A6461506278
A6421501377 A6421506591 A6461506372
A6421501477 A6421506691 A6461506378
A6421501500 A6421506791 A6461506478
A6421501600 A6421506891 A6461506572
A6421502330 A6421506991 A6461506672
A6421502430 A6421507277 A6461506772
A6421502530 A6421507377 A6461506872
A6429003800 A6421507777 A6461506972
A6429003900 A6421508078 A6461507072
A6421504141 A6421508091 A6461507172
A6421504341 A6421508177 A6461507472
A6421505372 A6421508241 A6461507572
A6421507279 A6421508277 A6461507691
A6421507679 A6421508278 A6461507791
A6421509500 A6421508378 A6461536279
A6421509677 A6421508478 A6461536291
A6461501500 A6421508491 A6461536379
A6461500000 A6421508578 A6469002000
A6461500100 A6421508591 A6469002100
A6461500200 A6421508678 A6469003200
A6461500277 A6421508691 A6469003300
A6461500377 A6421508877 A6469003400
A6461500477 A6421508926 A6469003500
A6461500577 A6421508977 A6469003600
A6461500578 A6421509077 A6469003700
A6461500600 A6421509177 A6469003800
A6461500677 A6421509478 A6469003900
A6461500700 A6421509578 A6469004000
A6461500777 A6421509626 A6469004100
A6461500778 A6421509991 A6469004200
A6461500300 A6469002900 A6469004300
A6461500400 A6469006500 A6469005800
A6461500500 A6469002700 A6461507372
A6461500678 A6469002800 A6461508072
A6461501177 A6461507272
-Add A6461501034 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461501334 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461501734 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461501972 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461502072 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461502572 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461502872 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461503072 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461503534 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461504172 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461504372 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461505172 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461505378 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461505572 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461505877 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461508778 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461509978 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519000700 CRD3.20 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519003203 CRD3.20 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519007600 CRD3.40 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519000301 CRD2.15 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519002600 CRD2.30 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519000601 CRD2.35 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519001701 CRD2.36 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519008002 CRD2.36 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add Dashboard W169 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add Dashboard W245 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add Dashboard W203 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add Dashboard W220 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add Dashboard W221 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add ME2.8 - 95p08 / Renew
-Add Cr1 - 24c04 / Renew
-Add A6461501304 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461509272 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6461509778 CRD.11 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6511500126 CRD2.10 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519005301 CRD2.16 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6511501879 CRD2.20 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519009302 CRD2.20 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519007500 CRD3.10 / Hash Info / Renew
-Add A6519007401 CRD3.1R / Hash Info / Renew
-Add AMG MENU - Dash W204/212/207 - 95128
-Add AMG MENU - Dash W205/253/222 Beforelift NEC
-Add AMG MENU - Dash W213/222/463 Analog/LCD - 95160
-Add DSM 9S12XE Read Info / Renew
-Add AMG MENU - Dash W164/251
-Add FBS4 A274900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A2709002900
-Add 48V Baterry Hybrid Repair - 95M01
-Add FBS4 A274900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A2709002100
-Add FBS4 A270900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A274900xx00
-Add ISM - ST10 Read Info / Renew
-Add FBS4 EDC17/MED17 MPC Prepare to Factory
-Add FBS4 A270900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A276900xx00
-Add FBS4 A274900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A276900xx00
-Add FBS4 A270900xx00(NEW) Prepare for A6519002803
-Add more EZS Variants
-Add Dashboard -more models
-Add W447 Vito 95640 Visteon / Renew
-Add ECU -CRD3P.B0 651 Sprinter - Read Info Ecu Data / Renew
-Add MED17.7.1 A2769004900 - Read Info / Renew
Ver1.00.5 -CR42.40 A6519002501 - Read Info Ecu Data / Renew
-Add Ecu CR3 - Variant Renew in Eprom
-Add Ecu CR4 - Variant Renew in Flash
-Add Airbag Crash-Data
A1179001801 A1179005200 A1179005800
A1179008601 A1179009200 A1698204085
A1698209926 A4479001000 A2048202285
A2049014604 A2079012500 A2129014204
0285010423 0285011060 0285010349
-Add Dashboard W117 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add Dashboard W176 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add Dashboard W246 - Change Km / Repair SSID
-Add Dashboard x156 - Change Km / Repair SSID

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